Opening Hours
Wednesday to Saturday
9 am - 10 pm
Saturday & Sunday Brunch
11:00 h - 15:00 h

Concept & Philosophy

A platform for young talents from the hotel and gastronomy industry

The basic philosophy is to offer young and talented graduates from the fields of kitchen, service, hotel management and hotel communication a opportunity at the SILO. This means that the young talents can grow in responsibility and competence and are given enough creative freedom for their own projects and initiatives.
The team is led by a young, talented hotel management school graduate who holds the position of General Manager.

The young professionals are employed and paid in accordance with the guidelines and specifications of the L-GAV. The necessary support and security is provided by the TALENT association in the form of coaching, as well as through mandates from Krafft Solutions for finance and human resources.

In order to meet the requirements of a talent company, the employment contracts are agreed for two years. For the general manager, the employment relationship is agreed for three years to ensure a certain continuity. During this time, the talents expand their wealth of experience and can develop personally. In addition, own projects and operational measures can be developed and implemented during this time. To ensure the attractiveness of the company, an intentional fluctuation in this sense is indispensable, in order to give the talents who are constantly moving up the ladder the chance to work in the Silo talent company.