Opening Hours
Tuesday to Saturday
8 am - 10 pm
Sunday to Monday
8 am - 4 pm

Customize Your Stay

Expand your stay at the Boutique Hostel

You would like to arrange or expand your stay at SILO hostel. according to your own ideas?

No problem. With our Customize your Stay we give you the choice. Let us know at the time of booking, at check-in or during your stay what you would like to add: Breakfast, bed linen on your bed in the 4 dorm, daily cleaning of your Design Doubles, an iPad with Netflix, or much more.


Breakfast S -
e.g. Porridge, Chia Over Night or Pancakes and a hot drink of your choice
Breakfast M -
e.g. French toast, avocado toast or Açai Bowl and a hot drink of your choice
CHF 15
Breakfast L -
e.g. Huevos Rancheros or SILO breakfast plate and a hot drink of your choice
CHF 25
Daily cleaning of the Design Doubles CHF 20
Pet in the 4er Dorm or Design Double CHF 30
Netflix and iPad CHF 25
Late Check-Out
Subject to availability until 20:00 Uhr
Early Check-In
Subject to availability from 9:00 Uhr
Bed linen for bed in 4 dorm
Allergy friendly down pillows and duvet
Lock for cupboard in 4 dorm CHF 1
coming soon - Massagen von Zoe Koh
Med. Masseurin EFA
CHF 130