Opening Hours
Tuesday to Saturday
8 am - 10 pm
Sunday to Monday
8 am - 4 pm

Silo by Talent

Boutique Hostel & Restaurant

Discover our urban boutique hostel and restaurant in the unique atmosphere of the former grain warehouse of the city of Basel. We stand for distinctive design and architecture paired with innovative concepts and uncomplicated hospitality. In the up-and-coming Erlenmatt Ost district, we run a talent-run business to promote young talent in the restaurant and hotel industry.

Stop by and get to know us!

The whole team is looking forward to meeting you. #makeityours

  • breakfast
    14 talents
  • amenities
    1 restaurant
    SILO soulfood.
  • shower
    20 hostel rooms
    SILO hostel.
  • pillows
    4 meeting rooms
    SILO meetings.
  • wifi
    free WiFi
    throughout the building